Ori Eyal

Managing Partner
Emerging Value Capital Management​

Ori Eyal is the Founder and Managing Partner of Emerging Value Capital Management (EVCM) with over 12 years of experience in global value investing. EVCM manages a global, long-short, value hedge fund which invests based on Mr. Eyal’s proven global value investing framework.   

Born in Israel and raised both in Israel and the U.S., Ori has a strong understanding of how to invest in both developed and emerging markets.  Previously, Ori performed global investment analysis at Deutsche Bank Asset Management, Deephaven Capital Management and at Aquamarine Fund.  

Ori won first place in the LCG investment challenge (National Value Investing Competition) and third place in the VCIC (National Venture Capital Investing Competition).  He presented at several prestigious conferences including the Value Investing Congress (California), The Value Investing Seminar (Italy), the Best Ideas Conference (Online), and ValueX (Zurich).

Ori earned an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, an MSc in Computer Science from the Open University of Israel and a BSc from the University of Maryland.  In addition to Investing, Economics and Emerging markets, his interests include logic games & puzzles, artificial intelligence, strategy, science/ physics/ astronomy, futurology, and the upcoming technological singularity.